Protect Your Vehicle, Protect Your Investment

| 01 December 2022

Vehicle crime is on the increase again – how can you protect your pride and joy?
Most vehicle crime is preventable if you follow certain steps to reduce the likelihood of your car being stolen or broken into

  • Park in well-lit areas/ invest in security lighting for your driveway. Thieves are far less likely to try to tamper with your vehicle.
  • Remove everything from your car, wherever possible, never leaving anything on view.
  • Close the sunroof and windows when you leave the car.
  • Store car ownership /MOT/insurance information at home, rather than in your car.
  • Always take the keys out of the ignition!
  • Never leave your car running and unattended, especially on frosty mornings. Many manufacturers have now developed apps which allow owners to defrost their cars from the comfort of their homes whilst keeping the vehicle secure.
  • Invest in a steering wheel lock! Many people have returned to the tried and tested piece of kit making theft a much bigger proposition for thieves.

Other technology to consider:

Installation of telematics device. Theft and loss can be prevented with tracking solutions provided by this software. 40% of new cars in Europe have embedded telematics systems.

A ghost immobiliser is one of the best car security devices available on the market. They provide excellent protection against key cloning, key theft, and car hacking. Even if you have a coded key fob, the ghost immobiliser offers added security. Engines will only start if an additional, unique pin number or code sequence is entered so even if thieves have stolen your keys, they will not be able to drive your vehicle away. It is near impossible to bypass or hack.

VIN etching where the vehicle’s identification number is engraved onto the windshield and windows. It is a deterrent reducing potential profit for thieves and increasing the chance of recovery. Vehicles with vehicle etching are 45% less likely to be stolen. For a small additional cost, (around £20), you can make your vehicle less attractive to thieves.

Invest in an anti RFID (Radio-frequency Identification), wallet. Alternatively, wrap your car fob in foil or place in a metal tin to keep your car’s special signal safe – the outcome is the same. Car thieves can potentially access the signal sent by a key fob that’s inside the car owners’ home, but this tactic will block the signal keeping your vehicle safe.

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