How does our car finance works

Here are our 5 EASY steps to submitting a finance application


Submit a finance application

Looking for car finance? Look no further!

Here at Financefinity we can guide you through your finance application with our online portal 24/7


Sit back, relax, let us do the work

Sit back, relax, and we will do all the work.

Here at Financefinity mission control, we will work through your application and find the best lenders suitable to you.


Find a car

When you receive a text to confirm you have been approved, its back over to you.  Find your new car and let the countdown begin…..


Sign the dotted line

We will send you your finance documents to sign on the dotted line.  Need help? Not a problem! You are not alone. Our team at mission control is here to help.  Once the lender has confirmed funds are released…….


Collect your car and drive away

… we will let you know when you can make arrangements with your garage to collect your car.

Ready, set, go!

Applying with us only takes a couple of minutes.